If you are not on the first page of Google for what your target audience is searching for, then you need to have monthly SEO to get customers to your website and not a competitor. A monthly SEO strategy will improve your rankings to get those potential customers to your website.

  • Get more customers from search engines
  • Monthly reporting call
  • Monthly work to get the most valuable traffic to your website
  • Increase your profits

We are MGX.digital, an SEO agency working with clients to increase the traffic and leads they generate from organic search.

Let’s take a detailed look at how monthly search engine optimization can work for your business to increase revenue.

What are the benefits of doing monthly SEO?

A monthly SEO service will:

  • Get more website traffic from people ready to buy
  • Improve brand visibility
  • Get better rankings in search engines
  • Attract traffic from all points in the lead funnel
  • Experienced SEO experts working on your website
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is one of the most effective ways of bringing leads and customers to a website. Don’t just take our word for it:

What is a monthly SEO Service?

A monthly SEO service is an agreement between an SEO expert and a business to carry out work on a specified schedule. This on-going month-to-month service aims to improve the website’s rankings over time. This service includes tasks such as technical SEO, keyword research, on-page seo and content creation.


How we do monthly SEO

Depending on a customer’s requirements we build bespoke monthly SEO packages to ensure you get the best SEO campaign that brings in the highest quality organic traffic in the shortest amount of time.

Most packages will include:

Initial SEO audit to identify areas of improvement

We carry out in-depth SEO audits that cover all aspects of the website that impact SEO. This includes technical aspects, including sitemap analysis, site architecture checks, content layout checks, backlink checks, and a content marketing review. This gives a clear overview of how the site is performing and results in an action plan of tasks that we can apply SEO techniques to. Tasks are then prioritised in order to provide the biggest boost in rankings in the shortest amount of time. This process also reveals user experience and usability issues that can improve site visitor conversion rates.


Keyword research

We research the best keywords to target in order to meet your business goals. This includes analysing competitors search engine rankings and online presence in order to create a clear benchmark for your business and reveal the highest conversion generating keywords in your industry.


Google Analytics and Google Search Console setup

If you don’t have a way of tracking your search engine results performance or how users interact with your website we can add Google Analytics and Google Search Console tracking to your website. This helps us and our customers track website performance over time and assists in SEO reporting.


Internal link building

Internal link building is the process of linking pages of your website together in order to increase their usefulness for users and to indicate relevance to search engines. Getting this aspect of SEO right can provide quick wins and increase rankings relatively quickly. We analyse existing content for internal linking opportunities and any new content will have links to and from other related content in order to increase the performance of the website’s pages.


Page meta optimisation

Meta optimisation requires us to optimise page titles and descriptions. These elements of a web page appear in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) and optimising them can improve page relevancy, ranking and click-through rates.


On-Page SEO improvements

On-Page SEO requires changes to be made to the content on a web page. We analyse an existing page, check its rankings, identify target keywords and then look at competing pages. All of this information allows us to add content to a page that will improve its relevance for target keywords and raise its rankings.


High-quality content creation

In order to improve rankings we need to make the site an authority in its industry. This is where creating high-quality content that is relevant to your target keywords and business goals comes in. By analysing keyword research we can identify gaps and opportunities for content. New content drives more traffic to a website as well as supports other pages on the site via internal linking. It also allows us to capture traffic at all levels of the sale funnel from research all the way down to creating content for people ready to buy your product or service.


Google Business optimisation

Google My Business optimisation is a crucial task for local businesses. It’s a form of off-page SEO that makes it more likely a business will show up in Google’s map pack when someone searches for a service you offer near them.


Schema markup integration

Schema markup helps a website to appear for featured snippets in Google’s search results. As search engine algorithms have improved they can now identify things like FAQs on a web page. By adding Schema markup to any relevant content on a web page like FAQs we increase the chance of being featured in the search results when someone types that question into the search engine.


Local SEO optimisation (if required)

If you are a business serving a specific town or county you will probably need local SEO optimisation. This is the process of optimising content, creating new content and building links from high-quality directories to ensure that your business shows up for searches in areas where your target market lives. This is critical to driving online and offline visits to a local business.


Monthly performance review call and reporting

As an SEO company, we believe in being transparent in every step of your SEO campaign. That’s why you will get a dedicated SEO consultant that will report on the campaign performance every month in a one-to-one call. This ensures you get to keep track of your performance and the tasks that are being carried out in order to make your campaign a success.


How much do SEO services cost per month?

The cost of the monthly SEO service will depend on the size of your market and how quickly you want to get results for your target services or products. On average a starting monthly SEO plan will cost around £2000 per month. This is a budget suitable for small businesses with lower levels of competition. If, for example, you have an eCommerce site with thousands of products you wish to promote the cost can be a lot higher.

SEO pricing is variable so contact us to get an accurate quote.


How do you know if your SEO is working?

If you see that impressions, clicks and rankings are on the rise for relevant keywords that meet your business needs then this is a sign that SEO is working. These metrics and others should be included in monthly reporting which will tell you the SEO work that has been done and the impact it is having on the website.


Margaux is very reliable and I do not have to worry about tasks being completed on time to a very high standard. She’s great to deal with and very clear at explaining issues that might arise.
Jo Phipps
Director, Illuminate Digital
Margaux Marshall is the best thing to happen to London Walks in the last 25 years. SEO – she gets results. She’s a virtuoso. Knows it inside out, tracks it, stays on top of it, wins. And the "delivery system" of the white-hot core of her professional expertise is equally impressive. Margaux’s a dynamo. She's extremely bright; she's efficient, organised, thorough, determined, hard-working, dependable; she analyses brilliantly, she's got vision, she's a planner; she mucks in; her detailed reports are a model of clarity; etc. Into the bargain, she's good fun to work with. Couldn’t recommend her more strongly. Please feel free to get in touch if you've got any questions. Just don’t take her away from us.
Dr David Tucker
London Walks

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