MGX.Digital is an SEO agency which has grown through the recommendations from other experts in the industry. By providing great customer service, expert knowledge and reliability, recommending MGX.Digital to others is always a sure thing.

We enjoy working with new clients and new projects so we would be grateful if you have anyone to introduce us to.

Who can we help?

  • Business owners, marketing managers
  • Companies at the start of their digital marketing journeys with long term prospects
  • Company size of 5-150 employees

How can we help?

SEO is part of the wider marketing strategy. We help our clients by:

  • Increasing visibility of a website on search engine results page
  • Creating content that is going to bring new users to the site
  • Ensuring the website is kept up to latest standards

How best to refer us?

You know someone who may be interested in working with us? Email us at

The best way to refer us is by sending an introductory email between us and your contact.


Margaux is very reliable and I do not have to worry about tasks being completed on time to a very high standard. She’s great to deal with and very clear at explaining issues that might arise. 
Jo Phipps
Director, Illuminate Digital
Margaux Marshall is the best thing to happen to London Walks in the last 25 years. SEO – she gets results. She’s a virtuoso. Knows it inside out, tracks it, stays on top of it, wins.  And the "delivery system" of the white-hot core of her professional expertise is equally impressive. Margaux’s a dynamo. She's extremely bright; she's efficient, organised, thorough, determined, hard-working, dependable; she analyses brilliantly, she's got vision, she's a planner; she mucks in; her detailed reports are a model of clarity; etc. Into the bargain, she's good fun to work with. Couldn’t recommend her more strongly. Please feel free to get in touch if you've got any questions. Just don’t take her away from us.
Dr David Tucker
London Walks


+44 7795151583

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