Client and result focused, we help businesses grow and succeed through the best use of their website.

We are dedicated to white hat SEO techniques, providing the clients with the best potential opportunities for long term organic growth.


Search Engine Optimisation

We offer customised services depending on client needs, with the aim to increase targeted traffic. Here are some of the services we provide:

  • Website Audit
  • Technical SEO
  • Keyword Research
  • On-Page & Content Optimisation
  • Monthly Reporting

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is the foundation on which a website is built. With good foundations, changes to the content and on-page will be able to perform to it's maximum potential. Technical SEO include areas such as:

  • Site Speed
  • Indexing
  • Redirections
  • Crawl
  • Redering

Competitor Benchmark

A competitor benchmark provides the background knowledge on how the market is performing in terms of search and website authority. We look at what search strategies are common in your industry as well as evaluating areas different competitors perform particularly well in.

Content Creation

Content is the food that Search Engines feed on to populate their search results page. Optimised landing pages and blog posts, all containing the right semantic terms for the targeted keyword can achieve great results on the SERPs. We provide content writing, whether touching up existing content, writing new content or provide your content team with the structure and tools to create articles.

SEO Website Auditing

You have an existing website and it's not performing how you expect it to?
We carry out manual SEO website auditing to review the technical set up and on page optimisation opportunities. This uncovers any underlying issues which may be hidering impacting your rankings and provide solutions on how to fix them.
An SEO audit is also the starting point for any new client to create the on going SEO strategy.

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO refers to opimising page content and page structures to target specific search terms. This includes titles, meta descriptions, headings, content and internal links. We ensure your pages are optimised for search engines to understand and rank its content in SERPs. In turn this will offer users with an improved on-site experience with well structured and relevant content targeted for them.

Keyword Research​

The keyword research piece is based on existing categories of your product & competitor keywords looking at both short and long tail keywords. This piece of research helps understand search behaviours and how best a website can be structured to accomodate this.
Furthermore, the keyword research is the basis of the ongoing SEO strategy, giving clear direction for content creation.


PR is the best strategy towards link building. It marries up Marketing and SEO to gain valuable backlinks which in turn bring more users to the site and help increase SERP rankings.


Margaux has been in the digital industry for nearly 10 years. With experience of creating (and coding!) her own travel website and project managing in a digital industry she found her niche with SEO and created MGX.Digital.

MGX.Digital is a growing SEO agency, with clients from the tourism, B2B, internet services, non-profits and more all entrusting the team to grow their online presence.


Our Senior Team


Founder & SEO Expert


Business Advisor


Content Expert


Margaux is very reliable and I do not have to worry about tasks being completed on time to a very high standard. She’s great to deal with and very clear at explaining issues that might arise. 
Jo Phipps
Director, Illuminate Digital
Margaux Marshall is the best thing to happen to London Walks in the last 25 years. SEO – she gets results. She’s a virtuoso. Knows it inside out, tracks it, stays on top of it, wins.  And the "delivery system" of the white-hot core of her professional expertise is equally impressive. Margaux’s a dynamo. She's extremely bright; she's efficient, organised, thorough, determined, hard-working, dependable; she analyses brilliantly, she's got vision, she's a planner; she mucks in; her detailed reports are a model of clarity; etc. Into the bargain, she's good fun to work with. Couldn’t recommend her more strongly. Please feel free to get in touch if you've got any questions. Just don’t take her away from us.
Dr David Tucker
London Walks




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