As a technical SEO agency, we build the technical aspects of Search Engine Optimisation into our SEO strategies. Make sure your site isn’t losing conversions and rankings because of technical issues.

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Benefits of Technical SEO

  • Improve search engine rankings
  • Improve user experience
  • Reduce page load times
  • Rank in more places in SERPs
  • Keep website secure
  • Faster site editing
  • Reduce server loads
Technical SEO ensures that a website is fast across all devices and for all users. Users want to use websites that load quickly and this means that Search Engines want to satisfy that. Some of the most recent search engine algorithm changes have made page load time very important to rankings. Ensuring you have a technically sound website means higher ranking and happy users.
"Website conversion rates drop by an average of 4.42% with each additional second of load time (between seconds 0-5)."

Our Technical SEO Services

Part of SEO as a digital marketing discipline also includes the technical aspects of a website. That’s why our SEO team can identify technical website performance issues and help you solve them. This ensures you have a platform that won’t hold back any of your SEO performance now or in the future.


Technical SEO Audit

Our technical SEO consultants will carry out a bespoke, comprehensive and detailed dive into your site’s technical performance in order to identify SEO issues and provide solutions to solve them.

Our technical audits look into every Technical SEO aspect in detail in order to uncover anything that may be holding your website back from reaching its full potential.


Technical Website Migration Checks

Whether before or after a website migration it is important to make sure all the technical aspects of your website are in order. Migrating a website is often requires a large investment in time and resources and is something that isn’t done too often.

Our technical SEO experts can check all technical SEO aspects of the site have been addressed before and after migration ensuring that potentially costly oversites can be avoided and the risks of a site migration are reduced.


What does a tech SEO agency do?

Technical SEO agencies, like, look at a website from a technical perspective and offer recommendations and fixes to make sure a website is not held back from getting the best possible rankings in organic search. The main goal of a technical SEO agency is to ensure page load speed is as low as possible and that search engines can efficiently crawl a website.

Our SEO experts can identify and resolve technical issues such as:

Site architecture checks

A website’s architecture includes elements such as URL structure, site structure, canonicalisation for duplicate content, site speed and responsiveness. All of these elements add up to a stack of ranking factors that are critical to maximising the effectiveness of any SEO campaign.

Site architecture impacts user experience and how easily a search engine crawler can find pages and content on the website. Having good site architecture is the backbone of any technical SEO strategy because it includes so many technical ranking factors.

A technical SEO will check all of these factors and provide recommendations on how to fix any issues. Fixing these issues can range in complexity but if implemented will provide a solid foundation from which to build any further SEO efforts.


Site speed and page speed checks

Site speed and page speeds are important ranking factors. Users want to use websites that load quickly and reduce wait times, search engines know this so they will give a higher ranking to fast pages in the search engine results.

Analysing a website and its pages for download speed will reveal any issues that could be slowing things down. This includes elements such as uncompressed javascript, server issues and images without lazyloading.

A technical SEO specialist can identify these issues and recommend steps to reduce page load times.

Site speed is especially important for eCommerce businesses, a 1 second delay in page response can result in a 7% reduction in conversions.


Indexing checks

Web pages are indexed by search engines like Google in order to present them later in the search results. If anything technical is stopping search engines from indexing web pages on your website then they won’t appear in search results. Unless this is fixed this page will not get organic traffic from search engines. You can see if you have indexing issues by checking Google Search Console.


Redirects checks

Redirects are used for directing users and search engines from a URL that used to exist on the site to a new one. This is most often used if a URL for a webpage has changed and the content has moved to a different address on the site. Different types of redirects have different codes such as 301 and 302. Internal and external links may point to these old pages and redirecting them means users and search engines land on the new location for the content. This ensures that ranking loss is minimised.

An SEO can use their technical expertise to identify improper use of redirects and redirect loops and suggest recommended fixes to make sure rankings are preserved and effort put into internal linking and link building is not wasted.


Structured data checks

Structured data helps search engines identify exactly what pieces of content on a page are for, such as FAQs. Marking up content with Schema markup helps search engines identify this content and make it more likely to feature in the search result pages as a feature, such as an answer to a question. This markup also indicates to search engines that a web page has specific useful information on a topic. This helps to increase page relevancy and usefulness which gives it a better chance to rank.

Structured data is code that is not visible to users and it can become invalid if a page is modified or moved which can result in a loss of ranking.

A technical SEO company like, can identify pages with invalid schema data and recommend fixes to ensure the page’s potential and rankings are preserved.


XML sitemap checks

XML sitemaps are files that map website pages for search engines. Search engine crawlers will use these files as one of the ways to find all the pages on the website.

Having a broken sitemap can result in pages not being found by search engine crawlers and therefore they will not be indexed which means they cannot appear in search results.

A technical SEO can identify missing pages and invalid XML sitemap data and recommend fixes to increase a website’s crawlability and make it more likely all the pages on a website can appear in the search engine results.


Robots.txt checks

A robots.txt file is used by search engines to see if they are allowed to crawl a website and which sections they are allowed to crawl.

If the file is blocking search engines then this will result in the website not appearing in search results at all. Also, if the robots.txt file is not optimised to stop search engines crawling system pages and auto-generated pages this will reduce the crawl efficiency.

Technical SEO agencies can analyse this file and the website as a whole to make recommendations on how to optimise a robots.txt file in order to maximise crawl efficiency and stop any barriers to indexing a website.


Image optimisation checks

Images make a page more engaging and help to illustrate points, they can also appear in search results in their own right and increase the relevancy and usefulness of a page. Having relevant and well-optimised images on a web page can boost its rankings.

Images can cause technical SEO issues if they have not been optimised and miss critical meta data. Search engines use page loading speed as a ranking factor so large image file sizes can reduce pages ranking potential. Metadata is used by search engines to identify what the image is about and how it fits within the context of the page.

Part of a technical SEO check will be to identify these images and reduce image file sizes while keeping their high quality. Images will also be checked for missing meta data and recommendations made to add or improve them in order to give the image the best chance of ranking and helping its host page to rank.


Other checks

Technical SEO is a large and complex subject, above we noted the main areas that cause the most common issues we see but any technical audit by will include a deep dive into any technical SEO issues your site may have.

Case Studies

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